Destination Dreaming, The World on your Fingertips

Destination Dreaming, The World on your Fingertips

Are you ready for take-off? The TGB Destination Dreaming Collection has officially landed and with 12 Summer lovin’ colours, you’ll be dreaming of lands far, far away. Buy the Destination Dreaming Collection in a limited edition case to unlock 25% off of other colours & BIAB. When they're gone, they're gone!

Yes, you read that right, put the map away and let TGB take you on our bespoke journey around the world. With the sun making entry over the last few weeks and indeed the reopening of life and salons across the world, it felt only fitting that we launch our summer 2020 collection, Destination Dreaming. Let’s face it, over the last few months, we’ve all had the momentary daydream of stunning aqua coastlines nestled near golden sandy beaches with that ever so vibrant orange sunset glow.

Inspired by our founder Daisy’s travels across the globe, this Summer’s collection will bring this daydream to life and will be the perfect injection of holiday vibes at every salon. There’s a fantastic line-up in our guide around the world, with 12 colours to choose from in the collection, you’ll be on the quickest ever known track to jet-setter status! We’re so pleased we can share some of our very own sunshine with you and cannot wait to see the world on your fingertips.

Abu Dhabi Nights

With its glamorous holographic lilac hues, Abu Dhabi Nights is as luxurious as the famous city skyline that gave it

its name.

Bora Bora

Get the five-star treatment with this glimmering pale turquoise. Sparkle in the sunshine and channel oceanic island vibes, wherever you are.

Beverly Hills

Home to the stars, Beverly Hills is the hot pink LA dream you've been waiting for. This is the ultimate shimmering neon pink you need to feel like an A-lister.


This fresh minty colour is inspired by the stunning aqua coastline of Capri. Grab your designer shades, your Italian escape awaits.


Channel your inner Rio showgirl with this confetti glitzy gel polish, merengue and cha-cha-cha across the dance floor and shine like a diamond (or at least your mani will).


Fiji will win your heart, just like this pink shade with its blue pearlescent hue. Let Fiji transport you to the tropical island with palm-lined beaches, coral reefs and clear lagoons.

Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is famed for its golden sandy beaches, this pearly pastel yellow tone will take you Down Under to the dazzling strip of Australia's East Coast.

Harbour Island

Known for its sandy pink shoreline gleaming in the sun and reefs, Harbour Island is a coral paradise, just like this

pearly shade.


London to Ibiza

Let us introduce you to our party polish, you'll be sure to dance the night away from London to Ibiza wearing this cool tone pink icon with a glitter explosion!


Go wild for Savannah - a rich neon orange hue that'll have you dreaming of the African sunsets it's inspired by with its pearlescent finish.

Sin City

Black is the new black, just add sparkle. Sin City is dark and mysterious, let the glistening lights take you to a land where no rules apply. Anything can happen here, follow your intuition. This one is for the party-goers.

Uptown Funk

It's the city that never sleeps - venture uptown and try something new with this chunky glitter shade that'll sparkle all night long - it's the perfect topper to finish any 'it girls' manicure.

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Published: 12 Jul 2020