Landing your dream job

Landing your dream job

Landing your dream job: the do’s and don’ts on interviewing in the beauty industry from the employment team at The GelBottle Inc. 

To ace an interview is easier than you might think. At TGB for one, we consider all candidates who can firstly prove their passion for the company and their dedication to hard work. The main thing that unites our team is that all of us really care about the company and the industry, so we need our staff to relay that.

Also, do your research, prove you’re not just here to earn a salary and that you’re actually prepared to work within the industry by researching the company first. You should never go to an interview without knowing everything that can be found on Google, ie; company ethos, founding date, CEO/Founder, best selling products or treatments, new launches and the top unique selling points. 

Don’t lie! Don’t say you’ve worked in a salon using our products or visited a salon if you haven’t… remember companies have client databases so whilst you think this sort of white lie may boost an interview, it may actually harm it! This is the same when interviewing to work in a salon, if you haven’t got experience with their brand, don’t say you do! You will only end up looking inadequate when you are then asking application techniques or getting new brand teething issues. Your employer would much rather train someone with the right work ethic, than be faced with someone who is deceiving. At TGB, we grow together, and this is often the place in many workplaces industry-wide.

Dress smart! Even if the company has a casual image, NEVER turn up to an interview in jeans or with your sunglasses on your head. When you dress for an interview you need to remember this is the first time you are meeting with your potential employer and you need to prove to them how much you care. Even if you feel overdressed, putting noticeable effort into your outfit (it’s not a matter of fashion, but effort) shows you mean business. This means, smart shoes and clothing which you feel smart and comfortable in - if you’re interviewing in this industry, it also makes sense to have nice nails done. I always say the ultimate question to ask yourself is: “would you feel comfortable if your bank manager or lawyer dressed like this?” if the answer is no - change!!!
This doesn’t mean your outfit can’t be fun if you want it to be, if the company has a fun brand image (check their Instagram, or failing this - their website) try swapping a shirt for a jumper, adding quirky brooches or donning a cool headscarf!

Indeed and LinkedIn are great places to find new roles, but also increasingly job roles are published on Facebook and Instagram so keep your eyes peeled at all times! Make a list of dream companies that’d you like to work for and make sure you follow their every move to be the first to know when a job role pops up. 

Calm your nerves by preparing the night before: ask a friend or family member to practice your interview and go over anything which you could change: did you ramble? Did you miss anything? Did you talk too fast? Remember, no employee expects you to be super confident in your interview - we’ve all been there. Plus, if you do come across as slightly nervous, it shows us you care! 

Deodorant - is your biggest friend for interviews, but not just in the usual places… pop a little bit in the palm of your hands before the interview if you’re nervous, after all, nobody wants a therapist with super sweaty palms…

Try and avoid the caffeine if you can, instead opt for a nutritional low sugar breakfast and herbal tea. Caffeine and sugar can both increase your jitters if you’re nervous, whereas by having a good meal like eggs (or even better - a dairy free alternative) and some spinach you’re giving yourself the energy needed to smash your interview in a calm, collected and confident way.

Most importantly, remember employers are busy people! If they didn’t like your CV they wouldn’t have invited you in, but that’s not to say there is any harm in a hand written thank you note 24 hours after the interview has finished. Your biggest selling point? Show just how much you CARE and believe that the job is yours. The rest will fall into place from there!

Good luck babe, Team TGB has got your back!

Published: 08 Mar 2020