Lets talk about inequality, racism, and white supremacy

Lets talk about inequality, racism, and white supremacy

Our role as a brand is to use our platform to stand with our community against the grave injustices of the world we live in.

Inclusivity has always been at the heart of what we create, but we know there is more for us to do, so people can come to The GelBottle Inc and Peacci and see themselves represented across our platforms, from our feed imagery and campaigns to our colour range. We are here to speak up and we promise to use our voice to do more and to be better, to continue learning ourselves, start conversations and help educate our industry and followers on inequality, racism, and white supremacy.

This week we will be dedicated to sharing information and resources to help educate our community about anti-racism, sharing links to petitions to help action change and demand justice, highlighting and engaging in conversations on our feed and stories with Black nail techs and members of the nail industry, providing links to Black-owned beauty businesses and encouraging people to follow accounts helping to educate and inform on all topics linked to anti-racism, inequality, and BLM.

We won’t stop having these conversations after this week, we will continue to engage in them and promote them on our platform, and we hope our community will too.

Our founder Daisy has already made a personal donation to the George Floyd Memorial Fund, but this week we as a company will be highlighting and donating to more charities whose efforts are crucial in supporting BLM and Black people, including helping to provide therapy for Black people whose mental health may be affected at this time and adding to bail out funds for protesters.

We will continuously learn and improve but below are some of the other ways we are working to make sure we are doing everything we can to make a difference not just now, but forever too:

  • The brand will be donating to various charities and are adding ways for our customers to donate via our website too
  • We have been and will continue to be dedicating our feed to posting content which is educational or guidance on Black Lives Matter this week and pushing the conversation forward in the long term too
  • We've spent time as a whole HQ team educating ourselves and understanding the situation and what we can do as individuals, not just a brand
  • We are in talks with our team of incredible ambassadors who are working with us on how we can impact change within our industry
  • We’ve asked our following how they want to see us use our voice to instigate change and are actioning their responses
  • We were already working on initiatives such as a free education programme to people underrepresented in the industry

The reality is that we still have a long road ahead of us, and every voice counts, so keep talking, learning, and listening. If you have any feedback or ways you think we can do better, please do reach out as we would love to hear your thoughts [email protected]

Team TGB and Peacci

Published: 04 Jun 2020