TGB INFINITY COLLECTION: The First and Only Gel Polish in Space!


Create a universe of endless beauty with TGB Infinity. These colours are truly out of this world, so what better place for a photoshoot than up in space, making TGB the first and only gel polish to venture into the skies. Watch the official launch video below!

The collection features eight new glitter colours including Full Moon - our first fully opaque white glitter shade which has been highly requested by you all! PLUS a TGB first, two non-wipe glitter topcoats to make any colour sparkle. As there's no need to add another topcoat, these will be the ultimate time-savers this season!

Buy the full collection to get our brand new exclusive holographic bag worth £12 for FREE - the perfect salon organiser! 



See the Infinity Collection ascend into space in our official launch video:



We found an amazing company who are the pros of sending products into space! From there, we worked collaboratively to find the best layout for the photoshoot. They built a bespoke metal rod framework where the products could sit securely to protect our glass TGB bottles during transit. When the weather conditions were optimal, the products were securely attached, along with camera equipment and a satellite tracker, to a weather balloon which is an environmentally friendly method of transportation. The journey only takes a few hours! When the products are in space, with the sun shining off of the bottles, there's a sense of such calm and beauty! We couldn't be happier with the content created.  When the balloon hits a certain point in the stratosphere, it will pop and the launch team then closely track the products as they drop back down to earth. The bottles landed back safely and are now taking pride of place in the TGB head office!




The full collection includes our brand new holographic bag for free, which is 100% reusable. All packaging is recyclable, and we’ve used biodegradable eco chips to keep the collection safe during transit. Simply rinse them under water and watch as they melt away! 

We can’t wait to see you sparkle! Follow us @the_gelbottle_inc and tag #TGBINFINITY for a chance to feature on our social channels. 


Published: 23 Nov 2020