TGB Tortie Kit in collaboration with @beautyworksbyamy

TGB Tortie Kit in collaboration with @beautyworksbyamy

The launch of the TGB X @beautyworksbyamy Tortie kit has got us all obsessed. TGB Brand Ambassador @beautyworksbyamy takes us through her journey of creating the PERFECT tortoiseshell nail art design in her own words.  
It all started...

Around 3 years ago sometime in 2017, even before I was a TGB BA, one of my long-standing clients (who always brings a new creative challenge to her appointments!) wanted to know if a tortoiseshell design was possible. We had previously tried to recreate a black opaque design with some success but creating the perfect Tortie turned out to a completely different story.

The original...

The very early versions of my design combined 3 colours - a deep orange, brown and vibrant yellow. I spent a long time trying out different mixes and ratios of the colours I was combining. Although the early design mix made it into Vogue (Italy) amongst other magazine features, I knew the design and development process wasn’t fully complete as I wasn’t satisfied that I had achieved the perfect tortoiseshell just yet.

Perfecting the design...

In late 2018 I was asked to become a BA for TGB. This opportunity opened my eyes to a whole new world of products including their glass range. The lightbulb moment for me was when my order of glass yellow arrived. I chose this particular glass colour to mix with, expecting it to be a bright, almost neon shade. When I added glass yellow to the first mix of exclusively TGB products I couldn’t believe how perfect the outcome was.

The tortoiseshell design I created using my mix of TGB glass yellow, chocolate and jet black following a layering method, has gone on to achieve recognition as the ‘perfect Tortie’ within the Gel Bottle community and is definitely one of the biggest achievements of my career. Further Vogue, Glamour & well-known magazines have featured my tortoiseshell designs using the TGB mix.

Reinventing the look...

The time spent developing the perfect mix allowed me to fine-tune the technique and to find my signature design. More recently I have developed a blonde Tortie using TGB products to keep my nail designs fresh and current. To achieve the perfect blondie (a blonde Tortie) use the New Nu collection vanilla alongside glass yellow and jet black with some blooming gel and voila!

To create the original Tortoiseshell you will need: 

Glass yellow
Jet black

To create the blonde Tortoiseshell you will need: 

Glass yellow
Jet black
Blooming gel

Published: 12 May 2020