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Mermaid nails

Chances are, if you grew up in the '90s or are an avid Disney obsessive, you'll already have your tickets booked for the new live-action release of The Little Mermaid (it's out on 26 May ICYMI). Thankfully, we've identified the latest trend to take over our nail tailored For You pages and it's Mermaidcore! Celebrating everything aquatic, this trend can be scaled up (pun intended) or paired down for stand out gel nails or under-the-radar sets. After all, everything's better under the sea...

How To: Mermaidcore

Deep dive with us into the siren call of Mermaidcore and revel in this shell-inspired set created by @niicetips with our step-by-step run-through of a minimalist set that has maximalist payoff!!

First up, reach for Enchanting BIAB™ to create a mesmerising, colour-shifting base with flecks of iridescent orange, pink and green sparkle. The perfect mermaid-esque shade, wouldn't you agree?

Mermaid nails

Next, build up our Clear 3D Studio Gel from the nail bed to free edge in vertical lines to create a shell-like texture.

Mermaid nails

Finished with our TGB Road Trip favourite — Weekender — brushed across each nail in semicircular sweeps to mimic the natural gradient of beach-side shells and our Extreme Shine Top Coat. All cured to perfection with the Light The Way Nail Lamp, of course! Et voilà! The perfect Mermaidcore set that’s sure to impress your clients! For all the summer shade inspo you could possibly need this year, look no further than our TGB Road Trip collection.

Mermaid nails

Mermaidcore IRL

Ever since the premiere of the new film we haven't been able to get Suzie Bonaldi's (@hellooctober/@suziebonaldi) shimmering mani out of our heads. Recent TGB Academy graduate and influencer, Suzie took to the red carpet in all-out Mermaidcore from her beach waves to her sequinned 'fit and (of course) her on-trend mani. Her dazzling set of nails was created just for the occasion with Aurora BIAB™ (her current go-to) with a little Snow Queen over the top.

Mermaid nails
Mermaid nails

Feeling inspired? Tag us in your Mermaidcore looks using The GelBottle Inc to share your own aquatic creations.

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Not a professional? Not a problem! Share this post with your nail tech at your next appointment if you're craving a Mermaidcore mani!

Published: 26 May 2023