This product was produced with the utmost care and thoroughly tested before it left the factory. We have sample- tested the product at all times during the production and warehousing process and are confident you will enjoy many years of great success using this tool.

We are happy to offer a 3 YEAR Guarantee to provide you with market-leading reassurance as to the quality of this product, to cover material defects and/or manufacturing issues resulting in defective parts or product failure.

It is your responsibility to ensure the product you have purchased is designed for the process you intend to put it to, and that you, and anyone who will use the product, is fully trained and competent in use of the product.

We guarantee that, subject to the below and the terms of this Guarantee:

  • If the product was acquired within 2 years, and is not excluded from the Guarantee for reasons listed below, a free replacement will be sent to the customer as briskly as practicably possible
  • If the product was acquired within 3 years, but not within 2 years, and is not excluded from the Guarantee for reasons listed below, we will seek first to repair the product free of charge and will only replace the product with a new one if we are unable to repair it. The decision of repair or replace will be made in a reasonable timeframe, all things considered
  • We reserve the right to repair or replace the product using updated technical or visual modifications
  • If the product is no longer available when a replacement is due under the terms of this Guarantee, we will refund the original acquisition price or offer an equivalent discount on a new replacement product

The Guarantee specifically does not cover:

  • Normal wear and tear on the product or gradual reduction in appearance or results consistent with the product’s aging through normal use
  • Defects caused during transportation or storage of the product, or inadequate maintenance
  • Defect or damage caused through improper or careless use of the product, for example: dropping it, over- using it, getting it wet, rusting, over cleaning/cleansing the product, treating it roughly in any way
  • Damage resulting from disregarding the operating instructions
  • Damage resulting from any kind of modification to the product other than carried out by The GelBottle Inc
  • Damage caused by sharp objects or as a result of torsion, compression, or abnormal impact
  • All separable parts of the product, for example drill bits, are expressly excluded

The Guarantee is not enforceable if:

  • The product is not sent back in its original packaging or alternative adequate packaging
  • The product has been modified in any way or has its original markings or identity batch details obscured
  • The period of time since the original purchase has exceeded 3 years, whether or not there has been a repair or replacement during that time
  • The original purchase cannot be proven to have occurred within 3 years, or the specific product under consideration cannot be proven to have been part of that original purchase
  • The original purchaser has re-sold the product, without the specific permission of The GelBottle Inc

The Guarantee does not:

  • Affect your statutory rights
  • Extend in any way beyond the terms of this Guarantee, nor imply that we are liable in any way for any further remedy not expressly covered by the Guarantee (including but not limited to loss of profits, reputational damage, third party claims, incidental damage to property or equipment and so forth)
  • Prevent The GelBottle Inc from carrying out a full review of the circumstances of any claim under this Guarantee to ensure its validity, even if this results in a delay in issuing the replacement or beginning the repair

This Guarantee requires, for problem-free access to the terms within this Guarantee:

  • The original sales slip/receipt or sales confirmation stating the date of purchase
  • Demonstrable confirmation that the product subject to the Guarantee was subject to that specific sales slip/receipt etc
  • Specific identification and detailed explanation of the defect, and an explanation of any relevant circumstances surrounding the discovery of the defect

The GelBottle Inc

16 March 2022