Official UK distributor of Silicone Practice Hand made by April Ryan - @rediguana

These hands are ready to use and perfect for newbies, schools that need models (no more "model no show" problems) and for technicians who want to play with materials in their spare time.

  • Poseable, silicone, fully flexible and soft left hand
  • Has armature inside it which allows to fixs the fingers in any desired pose.

Please Note:

  • Attached nails are not included
  • Each hand is custom made. There could be minimal difference from pictures: small bubbles and bumps, slightly different skin colour.
  • Hands have sensitive cuticles and sides. Do not cut it! It helps to hold nails on silicone.
  • Do not play with fingers too much, it can break the inside wire. 
  • Please only move fingers as if you would move real fingers.
  • Soaking off may make it hard to glue on a new nail. 
  • Ripping tips off may permanently damage the hand.
  • Silicone doesn't dissolve in acetone.

Nail tip application and removal:

Apply a little amount of TGB glue on TGB Tips at the cuticle area. Move it to cuticle at 45-degree angle, put it under the cuticle completely and gently press the nail to the nail bed. Hold for 30- 60 seconds. Make sure to remove any glue excess. Using a toothpick, carefully apply TGB glue between attached TGB Tip and silicone and press by the whole perimeter of cuticle and sides. Let it cure for 5-10 minutes.

To remove TGB tips file-off using an e-file but don't touch the silicone with the nail bit. If you decided to soak-off the tips, give it enough time - the tip should dissolve deep under the cuticle zone.

After, you can start using the hand again.


If your hand got dirty with dust, glitter, chrome etc., just wash it with soap in warm water. You can also use a soft brush to remove chrome and flakes.


Reference: Hand