Lamp + E-file

PLEASE NOTE: this lamp is a slightly different colour to our previous bright white lamp. There is a temporary price reduction due to the colour difference. We will aim to have bright white lamps back in stock as soon as we can. The performance of the product has not been affected.

Say hello to The Gel Bottle Inc X SunUV! We’ve been working hard to bring you a lamp designed to look sleek and stylish, whilst performing to cure TGB products to the highest level. The Light the Way nail lamp is the ultimate collaboration - with design features exclusive to TGB, designed to optimise TGB application in just 60 seconds.

You’ll notice this lamp is of a cream colour compared to our previous bright white lamp. Although a difference in colour, the lamp still promises 100% guaranteed curing. There’s a long list of added features to excite you below.

  • In Official Partnership with SUN UV
  • I Cures TGB gel perfectly in just 60 seconds
  • Optimised for professional use with TGB Products
  • 39 Carefully positioned LEDs
  • 3 Additional LEDS to ensure tips cure perfectly
  • UV/LED Combined Lights (wavelength 365+405nm)
  • 48W & Low Heat-mode to avoid heat spikes
  • Hidden LCD Screen to show Curing time
  • 1 year warranty
  • Removable bottom tray for pedicures
  • Certified UK power adaptor
  • Product dimensions: Length: 20cm Width: 21.3cm Height: 10cm


You asked and we delivered (aren’t we good)…please host a warm reception for the new and improved TGB PRO E-FILE. We all know the best motors are German and that doesn’t change for this high-power, smooth moving E-file. Designed to move freely and easily with ultimate speed control the TGB E-file will soon become a removal essential in your salon… and like any true smooth operator, the TGB E-file looks gorgeous in any hand.

  • Made with precision in Germany
  • Ideal for removal of extensions
  • Perfect for removal of BIAB
  • Ergonomic, vibration-free stainless steel hand piece
  • Smooth action dial for easy speed control.
  • 2 year warranty
  • Speed up to 30,000rpm
  • UK power adaptor
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Nail Lamp
Nail Lamp
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