This Season’s Must-See Show

This Season’s Must-See Show

We’re thrilled that this year’s autumn collection is inspired by the fashion shows and catwalks around the world. As a two-time sponsor of London Fashion Week, it felt extremely fitting to celebrate the talent and creativity we’ve been honoured to be part of.

Fashion week is one of the most inspiring places to be so we wanted to bring our very own special runway to you. The collection is a celebration of the undeniably remarkable creativity seen on the catwalk.

TGB Runway exudes elegance, sophistication and classic understated style in its 10 new shades. The collection’s colours have also been named after widely recognised high fashion categories like Couture, which is a timeless rich red shade sure to be a signature colour for everyone this season. There’s a colour for every day, it’ll be hard to choose a favourite!

There’s also freebies to bag worth £27! Get the unreleased Peacci S.K.I.N Peach ManiPedi Cream, Peacci Cuticle Oil and a branded TGB tote bag when you buy the full Runway collection. We can’t wait to see the colours on you! Follow us @the_gelbottle_inc and tag #TGBRUNWAY for a chance to feature on our social channels. 

Outshine every stage with TGB Runway! 



Our dark, grey under-toned, navy blue is the queen of the catwalk! It’s Runway time, so make your strut work. This shade is the most sophisticated part of the fashion show.

Strike A Pose

No matter the season, you know you’re rocking an iconic colour with this raw denim blue. Work all angles and show us your best pose! 


Our weakness is chicness! This muted purple with a grey mid-tone is sophisticated and undeniably stylish. If you ever wondered how to paint yourself chic, this TGB Runway colour is your answer. 

Au Naturel

A nude to rule them all, the trend that will always be a win. This is the perfect cool tone, whose natural sheerness promises to effortlessly take you from day to night. 


Look it up, it’s called fashion HUN! Yes, a fun and playful mix, this shade is a brilliant warm brown with undertones of red. A shade you’re going to need to werk! 


It’s all about elegance, boldness and exquisite taste with Couture. A timeless rich red shade that screams extravagance whenever you wear it.

Front Row

The best place to be on the runway is the Front Row. This subtle muted orange is the shade that says you're the VIP of the runway! 

Flashing Lights

A dazzling colour that matches the yellow on an autumn leaf. You’ll be chasing camera lights and taking endless nailfies with this colour on.


Think throwback to classic vintage pieces, Retro will take you through the times and back. A true mid-tone mustard yellow that matches autumn hues, wear this and dream of groovy days.


This dark, olive green is your own wearable work of art. It’s radical, edgy and norm-defying. A colour that is versatile with every single outfit and an autumn favourite.

Published: 05 Oct 2020