All You Need To Know About HEMA-Free BIAB™

A New Collection

Our latest breakthrough in nail technology is here. You know there’s only one BIAB™, and it’s now available in HEMA-Free. Made in the UK, this launch is a milestone in our commitment to providing safe, high-quality products to every one of our valued customers. This launch takes our full BIAB™ collection to over 50 gels — yes, really!

Not sure which HEMA-Free BIAB™ shade to choose from? Why choose?! Get them all in our HEMA-Free BIAB™ Collection or Starter Kit including our Bond Base and Glow Top.

Inspired By Our Best-Selling BIAB™ Collection

Our breakthrough HEMA-Free BIAB™ collection is inspired by our best-selling original BIAB™ range. And just like the Original TGB BIAB™, the new HEMA-Free BIAB™ colours can be used for natural nail overlays or to strengthen the nail and help reinforce the apex, preventing breaking of the nail. We’ve got six new colours, each inspired by a popular shade from the original BIAB™ range.

If It’s Not TGB, It’s Not BIAB™

“I created BIAB™ because as a nail tech, I wasn’t satisfied with what was in the market. I saw the growing need for a product that could strengthen and nurture natural nails, while also enabling nail techs to offer an affordable, efficient service. BIAB™ was born to bridge that gap and elevate the nail care industry to new heights. Seven years on and I’m so proud to introduce HEMA-Free BIAB™ to make our offering as inclusive as possible. I personally tested over 100 iterations to make sure we got this right and that we stayed true to the integrity of our original formulation."

— Daisy Kalnina, Founder and CEO at The GelBottle Inc

Who Is Hema-Free BIAB™ For?

HEMA-Free is there as an option for those who are confirmed as allergic or have sensitivities to HEMA. The new collection works in conjunction with our HEMA-Free Bond Base and HEMA-Free Glow Top to improve adhesion, providing a complete HEMA-Free BIAB™ treatment, with 3-4 weeks’ wear time.

 Application method differs from our original BIAB™ collection, so make sure to check out our helpful application guide for step-by-step instructions.

Stock Up On The Shades

Shop the Hema-Free BIAB™ collection on our website, your one-stop shop for all your nail needs.


Tickle them pink with Jolie — a sheer light pink HEMA-Free builder gel, inspired by Dolly BIAB™.


Indulge in elegance Merci, another pretty pink shade with cool undertones, inspired 19 BIAB™.


Paint fresh sets with Fleur, a pale pink powerful shade, inspired by 18 BIAB™.


Make nail magic with ballet. It’ds a milky pink HEMA-Free builder gel with cool undertones — inspired by Dreamer BIAB™.


Drape silky smooth sets around their fingertips with Tulle — for sumptuous nude BIAB™ nails, inspired by the iconic Teddy BIAB™.

Au Lait

Serve up a classy manicure with Au Lait, a milky white HEMA-Free builder gel — inspired by the classic Milky BIAB™.


Want to delve into the detail of all things HEMA-Free? Join our Virtual Guide for a deep-dive into HEMA and HEMA-Free solutions, application advice, and more.


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Published: 31 Oct 2023