Introducing NEW Daisy’s Diner Collection



Our spring collection has finally arrived. We're serving up the trends with an order of 10 brand-new shades and a side of four Chrome Pigments. Make your reservation at Daisy’s Diner and, for the first time, choose your formula — from Original Gel or NEW HEMA-Free Paint.





“Daisy’s Diner is officially OPEN! I make sure that every collection is wearable and unique — and Daisy’s Diner is no different. We’re serving up the latest trends in a 14-piece collection. Each shade has been carefully curated to stand out in its own right and work seamlessly with the rest of the range, offering the perfect spring manicure to create that glazed effect or a more classic colourful French tip. Ready to nail the perfect spring look?”

— Daisy Kalnina, Founder and CEO The GelBottle Inc





FRIES — Do you want Fries with that? For nails that look good enough to eat, say hello to the brightest yellow in our collection. Shop the shade in HEMA-Free Paint or Original Gel.


KETCHUP — Ketchup your nail art game with a diner ketchup red. The red revival is here — will you go for bold full coverage, or a twist on a classic French tip? Try in Original Gel, or NEW HEMA-Free Paint.



ORANGE SODA — Crushing on orange? Try our bold and bright shade, which pairs perfectly with the new Chrome Pigments — part of the Daisy’s Diner collection. Choose your preferred formula — HEMA-Free or Original Gel.


MILKSHAKE — Choose from two formulas; Original Gel or NEW HEMA-Free Paint.


SPRINKLES — Cater for every client with NEW HEMA-Free Paint and Original Gel formula




SUNDAE — Say goodbye to Sunday blues with this pretty pastel. It’s perfect for subtle nail art looks — from hearts to delicate flowers — or for full coverage spring sets. Choose your favourite formula, from Original Gel to NEW HEMA-Free Paint.


DOUGHNUT — The ultimate hot pink; a tempting fuchsia... this is one for the maximalists and perfect for matching manicures and pedicures. Say hello to new HEMA-Free Paint, or stick to the Original Gel formula you know and love.


KEY LIME PIE — Fresh mint glittery green like you’ve never seen — served with a side of sparkle. Make a statement with this fresh new shade, one to brighten up your look, no matter the weather. Shop the shade in HEMA-Free Paint or Original Gel.


BANANA SPLIT — A scoop of sunshine with fresh white undertones. A creamy and versatile shade to suit all skin tones and styles. Choose your formula from Peacci polish (perfect for pedicures), new HEMA-Free Paint, or Original Gel.


BRIGHTON ROCK — A hero shade, available in both Original Gel and HEMA-Free Paint.



PRISM —Hello holographic nails — the first-ever holographic Chrome Pigment from TGB. Transform manis with this universal shade, best paired with pastels like Sundae.


SPECTRUM —Give every manicure a golden hour glow with our soft, gold-toned pearl Chrome Pigment. Elevate Milkshake manicures and create a Chrome lavender look.


IRIDESCENT — A pearl Chrome Pigment with a warm coral finish, which goes perfectly with warm-toned polishes – just like Orange Soda.


LUSTRE — An apple green glow a day helps the nails slay. Level up lighter shades with our brand-new Chrome Pigment. Try teaming Lustre with Brighton Rock for a not-so subtle shine.



Master on-trend manicures, like creamy finishes, bright French tips and delicious new nail art, with the Daisy’s Diner collection.

’’The return of the solid single-colour manicure allows hues to shine through reflective and nature-driven tones, expressive brights and playful pastels’’ - WGSN.



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Published: 20 Mar 2024