The Latest Iridescent Nail Chromance

Are you on Team Glaze or Team Chrome?

Hailey Bieber revolutionised the nail world with her iconic glazed doughnut nails. The OG of glazed nails — Hailey’s signature look added a pearlescent glow, reminiscent of a sugary sweet treat, to a neutral shade of nude nail polish.

nails with glated top


The trendsetting model then took Team Glaze to the next level with strawberry glazed and chocolate glazed doughnut nails, with creamy vanilla white shimmer nail design, trail-blazing as the new ‘girl next door’ aesthetic.

Looking to introduce your clients to metallic manicure sets? Create iridescent nails in an instant with our Glazed Top Coat. Transform any gel polish shade with a subtle shimmer effect. And the icing on the cake? No mess, no stress — you won’t want to glaze over the fact that our doughnut nail effect top coat is effortless to use, whether they opt for a full colour or even glazed French nails.

The New it Nail Design — Make Way for the Molten Mani

The bolder, extroverted sister of the glazed doughnut, chrome nails are a metallic gamechanger.

Jump on board and entice your clients to join the Team Chrome train of nail design. Unleash your creativity with TGB's first ever range of Chrome Pigments. Timeless gold and silver chromes are must-have designs to nail.

nail with chrome gold pigment

For a statement look, vibrant colours like our new Cerise and Aqua Chrome Pigments stand out from the sea of beige manicures. Green is having its nail moment — Lime Chrome Pigment is a masterclass in maximalism with a bright chartreuse finish.

nail with chrome line pigment

You haven't ever seen or used anything quite like a highly pigmented TGB Chrome Pigment! A little goes a long way with our premium loose powders.

Experiment with different shades underneath to achieve a rainbow of effects. Or for speedy nail sets, use the chrome alone to achieve an easy molten mani without the need for a base colour.

Does Team Chrome get your vote?

nine chrome Pigments

Over to your clients... level up your nail art kit with Glazed Top Coat and our 9 Chrome Pigments, so they can choose between a subtle shimmer or a standout metallic mani.

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Published: 01 Sep 2023