Not one nude fits all, here are the Nu Nudes.

Not one nude fits all, here are the Nu Nudes.

I set up The GelBottle Inc with inclusivity and equality at the heart of everything we do. That’s why our Nu Nudes collection means the world to me. I know that not one nude fits all and I hope this range will be enjoyed by everyone as much as I enjoyed creating it. We have 6 gorgeous new shades to accompany 6 existing from creamy Vanilla to smooth Caramel and syrupy Mocha. They really do look good enough to eat!” Daisy Founder & CEO

Nude, it’s more than just one colour...

For decades, the beauty industry has used the term ‘nude’ to essentially describe a single colour rather than it being based on our skin tone. We love how each and every one of us is completely unique and we are here to celebrate our individuality. So for us, Nu Nudes is more than just a gel polish collection. It's about bringing diversity and inclusivity into salons around the globe.

Being more inclusive and embracing diversity

We hope that this collection will help to inject some much needed diversity into both the nail industry and salons across the world so that whoever walks into your salon will have a nude to complement their beautiful skin tone. As a nail tech, you can use base colours to identify whether a warm or cool tone will suit your client and in a light, mid or dark shade - this will help you find the right nude and give options for your clients.

YOU could be included in our Nu Nudes campaign...

We’d planned to hold off on the launch until the Summer due to the current circumstances, but we were overwhelmed with your excitement for the collection so we went ahead and launched the range and reinvested our marketing spend into giving 30% off the collection for the first week of launch! Sadly, we were unable to have our planned photoshoot with a stunning lineup of models to truly showcase how these shades look on different skin tones. So we asked you, our incredible TGB family if you’d like to be an ‘at-home model’ for us! We can't wait to share our Nu Nudes at home models images soon.

We look forward to seeing your Nu Nude creations. From now on when they say 'send nudes' you'll be sending these stunning shades, well nail techs are known for having a brilliant sense of humour, right! 

Don’t forget to tag #gelbottlenunudes so we can share!

Published: 08 Apr 2020