Spring is in: Playful pastels and textured sets

Spring is in

As the weather warms up and the backdrop of daily life goes from fifty shades of grey to life-enhancing green, it’s time to update your gel nail repertoire with some on-trend sets. Think: soft pastel hues and captivating textures. This season's spring-summer trends are rooted in everything fresh, fun and boldly different... it’s time to immerse yourself in yet more must-try nail trends this spring...

Spring is in

A twist on tradition

Pastels, for spring? Ground-breaking, we know... but this year there's so much more than just pastels to dip your toes (and fingers) into. Take the traditional fan favourite lilac hue, mix in some textured black and gold flecks and you've just happened upon our innovative new TGB Road Trip shade, Provence. This dazzling gel polish is a must-add to your nail kit and makes light work of spring nail requests for you and your clients! Consider this a fresh, modern take on the classic pastel trend.

Spring is in

Green with envy

A fail-safe way to please this spring is with a refreshing pastel green mani-pedi. A flourish of soft mint green on your client’s nails makes the perfect accessory for spring. If you’re yet to treat your kit to a TGB Road Trip-upgrade, then consider this your sign to 'add to cart' and bask in the glorious pastel green joy of Away. Subtle yet still a stand-out shade, this zen pastel green shade looks great on any skin tone and brightens up every nail it graces with a playful pop of colour.

Spring is in

Textured Tones

Understated manis make for a pleasingly ‘clean’ look while going hand in hand with the 'clean girl aesthetic' trend taking over our socials right now. If you're eager to try your hand at this trend but want to mix it up with something a little bit different... we'd like to introduce you to Voyage. A semi-sheer milky gel - specked with sublime gold and black flecks - this intriguing polish is perfect for those after glammed-up spring-time sets.

spring is in
spring is in

Modernistic Sets

Abstract art is all about exploring your imagination and expressing ideas, emotions, and experiences through shapes, colours, and forms. We think spring is the perfect time to get artistic with your nail creations and go abstract with your designs... it's time to release your inner Rothko, Pollock or Kandinsky!

If you're not au fait with the world of abstract art, fear not, you can draw upon (pun intended) endless techniques to create abstract nails designs that are sure to draw in the crowds. The Essential Brush Range will make light work of your artistic creations and intricate designs...

Combine pops of colour and textures to form completely unique sets — a simple yet effect nail-pleaser. Another way to play around with this trend and make it your own is by creating negative space using spring-pastels and finishing with a striking matte finish (perfected with our Matte Top Coat). This chalky effect is a playful nod to spring-time shades with an artistic twist.

Recreate this beautiful look by our Brand Ambassador @hardasnails_studio using Provence, Lemonade and Matte Top Coat.

Spring is in


Look to our TGB Road Trip collection for the latest on-trend pastels gel polishes and versatile nudes tones to expand your kit and stay ahead of the trends. Our spring pick from this ground-breaking collection? Away; a zen pastel green, Provence; a soft pastel purple, Voyage; a semi-sheer textured milky gel, Vacay; a beach-ready coral, Solo; the perfect soft pink nude and Escape; the ultimate go-to nude. Think of your polish selection as a way to express your creativity and come up with something new, exciting and totally different. Whether you prefer bold, graphic designs or more subtle, understated looks, give your creative mind a spring clean this year and try something new. Who knows, you might just discover a look you're obsessed with...

Discover the collection today...

Spring is in

Not a professional? Not a problem! Share this post with your nail tech to bring playful pastels and textured sets to your next appointment.

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Published: 12 May 2023