Let’s hear it for women in STEM! We’re celebrating British Science Week and spotlighting just some of the incredible women who work at TGB and are thriving in the world of science. Introducing our expert in-house scientist team; Daisy Kalnina — Founder & CEO, Ifra Siddique — Compliance Director, and Tumi Siwoku — Scientific Development & Innovation Lead.

TGB Founder and CEO, Daisy Kalnina is currently studying for her BSc (Hons) in Chemistry.

"I’ve always had a passion for creativity and providing the most cutting-edge, high-quality products to my customers. Naturally, my interest in the chemistry behind our formulations has grown along with the business, which is why I am now studying to become a chemist, so I can continue developing the best innovative products and solutions for nail techs globally."



At The GelBottle Inc, everything we do and create is rooted in innovation. Not only did we invent Builder In A Bottle (otherwise known as BIAB™), but we have continued to push the boundaries of the nail industry — most recently with the launches of ProForm™ and HEMA-Free BIAB™. Our unwavering commitment to bringing our customers cutting-edge products that deliver on quality, as well as value for money, has most recently been recognised by Grazia magazine with the prestigious Innovative Nail Brand of the Year Award.


What Science Week Means To TGB

The GelBottle Inc is dedicated to giving women in STEM a platform to develop and grow within an industry that is making serious waves. Resident Compliance Director, Ifra, sat down with us to answer some of our burning questions in honour of British Science Week.




  • What made you want to get into cosmetic science?

    “I got into cosmetic science by accident — through Pharmacy! I absolutely love Chemistry and enjoy that I can also be creative at the same time!  My passion for cosmetic science is fuelled by the belief that beauty and self-care play significant roles in people's lives.”

  • Have you had any barriers in your study or getting into your career?

    “The representation of minorities, particularly girls, in STEM fields is currently low. I encourage all science enthusiasts to explore alternative career paths within the industry. The biggest barrier for me has been the lack of representation within product development teams. The inclusion of marginalised communities in product development roles is crucial for creating truly unique and inclusive products!”

  • What advice for you give to someone looking to get into a role in Cosmetic Science?

    “There are abundant opportunities for chemists and biologists, with specific mention of exploring Cosmetic Science programs at both DMU and the University of Arts. For those not inclined towards the university route, a two-year diploma is also a viable option. ”

  • What do you love about your role at TGB?

    “I love that I work within the product team, it’s exciting fast-paced, and I love that science plays a key role! I’ve had a pivotal role in many of the launches we have released. I adore my team and love being a leader to them — the people at TGB are what make this journey the best that I’ve had so far!”

Smashing Stereotypes At TGB

Founded in 1831, the British Science Association works to create a future where science is more relevant, representative, and connected to society. They develop science engagement programmes for audiences underrepresented in and underserved by science. Our resident Scientific Development & Innovation Lead, Tumi, recently spoke to the BSA for their #SmashingStereotypes campaign as part of British Science Week. Created to encourage those working in STEM to share their stories and showcase the diversity of the STEM workforce, this campaign shows that science really is for everyone. The more diversity within STEM, the more inclusive and diverse the products created will be in areas like cosmetic science, meaning that everyone will truly be catered for.

“We believe that identifying, nurturing, and showcasing diverse role models is crucial to help break down misconceptions and barriers about who can be a scientist, and what they can do.” — BSA

"I really enjoy working in a young vibrant growth orientated company. Working in a team that prioritises innovation and is open to new formats and ideas makes TGB so loveable."

— Tumi Siwoku, Scientific Development & Innovation Lead




Tumi Siwoku spoke to the BSA, read what she had to say and see the full article here.

On how she found her way into a career in cosmetic science:

“I was initially drawn towards medicine. I remember going through UCAS and looking at all the medicine-related courses. Even though they fit my skills and the subjects I was studying, none of them felt right for me. Eventually, I found a new cosmetic science course offered by the London College of Fashion. I always loved beauty and fashion, so I thought, why not? This seemed perfect, considering my passion for beauty and fashion.”


On why diversity and inclusivity in STEM is so important:

“I’m also proud to be a STEM Ambassador as part of the British Beauty Council’s Future Talent Campaign. I visit schools and talk to young people about cosmetic science. We show them how subjects like Chemistry, Biology, and even Maths don’t limit you to traditional roles like being a doctor, pharmacist, or accountant. Back in 2008 when I started my career, manufacturing was a White middle-class male-dominated field. I was the first Black woman in manufacturing at a leading high-street make-up brand and I had no help or mentors who looked like me. Now, others have someone they can finally relate to. While I pride myself as an innovative chemist in the lab, I also see myself as someone driving change and innovation through championing diversity. I struggled to find role models and mentors in the early days of my career, but I’m proud to be one now. As a role model, my mission is clear: ensure that cosmetic science is a space that includes everyone.’

Quotes from Tumi Siwoku’s interview with the BSA for their #SmashingStereotypes campaign.




Gold-Standard Nail Education

TGB was built on a foundation of innovation, and how could we innovate without the best in-house scientist team on hand? We build new tech and product development into everything we do, developing cutting-edge products like Builder In A Bottle™, GelPot and DesignEx Pro™ — our revolutionary extension and builder gel systems. All products feature our signature non-shrink, high pigment, and vegan & cruelty-free formula. It is our expert product development team that makes our stand-out formulas and industry-leading launches possible. Although TGB has been created by nail techs, for nail techs — we know it's the end client satisfaction that counts, so everything that we release is created with this in mind.


Gold-standard education goes hand in hand with industry-leading formulas, which is why TGB Academy was a must-add to our offering at TGB. Offering ABT and Guild accredited training — TGB Academy’s courses and online workshops help new talent and current professionals learn new skills and improve those that they need to succeed. Learn from the best in the business; industry leaders provide high-quality, interactive, hands-on training with step-by-step visual courses.


All courses offer a long-term support system to ensure that your development as a student is positive and enlightening every day. This is incredibly important to us as an industry-first education centre, as we want every customer to feel fully supported whatever career steps they may choose to make. There’s no better place to start or improve upon your nail career, there’s something for everyone and every level.


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Published: 12 Mar 2024